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botelet history

Tamblyn Botelet Farm history in Cornwall

Botelet was mentioned in the Domesday Book (AD 1086) and at that time was called 'Botiled', belonging to the Count of Mortain.  The name Botiled is thought to be derived from the Cornish 'Bot' meaning homestead and 'Iled' being the person that lived there.  In the 13th century Botelet Manor was home to Sir William de Botreaux, clerk of the first Duke of Cornwall, the Black Prince.  Our first ancestor to live at Botelet was Francis Tamblyn who came from a large family in St Columb in about 1865.  He is buried at Braddock Church near Boconnoc, a couple of miles from the farm.

The farm was owned by Sir William Trelawny until it was sold to the Tamblyn family in 1912.  There is an interesting story about why the new farmhouse was built in 1884.  Sir William Trelawny was invited to inspect the Manor as repairs were much needed.  He looked around downstairs and then went upstira.  When he almost fell through the rotten floor he said, "Which is the quickest way out?"  He escaped through an upstairs doorway (still visible) out into the garden.  The farmhouse was subsequently built out of stone from the farm quarry at Bury Down.  

Cyrus Cobden Tamblyn was born in the farmhouse the year it was completed and lived in it for 103 years.  His son David, in his 90s, still lives an active life on the farm and contributes to a blog on this site.  David and Barbara's daughter Julie and son Richard along with Richard's his family live at Botelet.  Richard and Tia's children Cyra, Otto and Nell are the fifth generation of Tamblyns to have lived at Botelet.

Mrs Ella Tamblyn making tea from the fountain on the open fire in Botelet kitchen

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